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Just Another Love Story...

The birth of Sweet Garden is a commitment. It is a vow. A classic love tale. A promise between two devoted individuals, and the love they share between them and with others. With every baked good, a portion of their everlasting affection is extended to the lucky recipient.

The Story Goes…


The journey started from a trip to Tokyo in March of 2017. As is normal this time of year, the cherry blossoms began to bloom and so did love. For one fateful couple on their way to the Tokyo Tower, a day they will never forget is unfolding. The gentleman had plans to ask his lady for her hand in marriage. The seemingly destined couple passed by a Japanese cheesecake store. The sweet aromatic of freshly prepared cheesecake quickly filled up the city street. The aroma coming from the shop, danced into their noses, causing them to take a brief detour. The gentleman and lady stood in line, awaiting the cloud-like cheesecake. At that moment, the sight of snow could be seen blanketing the city-sky creating a serene and joyous atmosphere. Excited voices could be heard from high-school teenagers shouting; “it’s snowing, it’s snowing!” As the couple finally made it to the front of the line, the cashier greeted them with a heartfelt, “Welcome!” With a warm smile, the cashier handed a box that perfectly hugged the snug cheesecake. As the couple made their way under the Tokyo Tower, pale wisps billowed off the treat. Upon arriving, the gentleman bent down on one knee, and opened his heart and soul to the lady. She smiled with glee, as tears of joy began rolling down her cheeks. Without hesitation, she said yes, and the couple shared a tender embrace. The rest is history.

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