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Bringing traditional Japanese cake culture to Las Vegas , pursuing freshness and hand-made quality above all else. Ever since we started, our one and only wish has been to make our customers say “DELICIOUS!” from the bottom of their hearts. We hope you savor every moment of joy you experience here at Sweet Garden.

Japanese CheeseCake
First Come First Serve, In Store Only

No Preservative Ingredients Added
Enjoy As Soon As Possible
Japanese Cheesecake  $13.95 

Japanese Cheesecake has delicate and cloudy texture with smooth, creamy taste.


Allergen: Dairy , Egg, Wheat

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Double Fromage Cheesecake $21 

Double Fromage Cheesecake has three layers, vanilla sponge cake base, baked cheesecake and non baked cheesecake on top. Silky, creamy and smooth texture will melting in your mouth.


Allergen: Dairy, Egg, Wheat

Matcha Double Fromage Cheesecake $21

Double Fromage Matcha Cheesecake has three layers, matcha sponge cake base, baked matcha cheesecake and non baked cheesecake on top, the bitterness of matcha well balanced the richness of cream cheese.


Allergen: Dairy, Egg, Wheat, Caffein

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Specialty Cakes To Celebrate Unforgettable  Moments
Pre-Order Specialty Cakes 48 Hours Notice
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